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Guardian Programme

What is Guardianship

We are committed at giving our breeding dogs the best possible life so they don't have a kennel life and this is where the guardian home comes in. The guardian will receive our "pick of the litter" a puppy which we feel has the best temperament and structure. This puppy will become your pet at no cost. You will be responsible for every day costs - food, toys, routine vet care, insurance etc just like you be with any pet you purchased. 

How does it work?

Once we have placed our puppy in your care, we will carry out health testing during the first year so we can be sure our puppy is breed quality. 

For a female breeding dog, she will have a maximum of 3 litters, this is generally done around her 2nd heat cycle or around 18 months of age, and her breeding career will be completed by the time she reaches 4 years old or there about. When she comes into heat, we are to be told straight away so we can make plans for a mating, during the mating, she will stay with us for a couple of days and returned back to you once the deed has been done. She will stay with you for the next 8 weeks and living life like normal. Once she comes to us, she will then stay with is for about 7 weeks. You will be welcome to visit.

For a male dog, his breeding career will start around 9 months old and finish when he is around 6 years old. He may get used 2-3 times a year or he may not be used. He will never need to stay with us but to visit on days we need to mate.

At the end of the dogs breeding career, we will spay / neuter the dog and sign the dog over to you.  We make a great commitment financially and emotionally with our dogs, and we expect the same level of commitment back 

Please get in touch

If you feel you would like to be a guardian to one of our puppies, we would like to hear from you. In order to be considered, you need to live in Kent. Please send an email to

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