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UPDATED 21/11/2023

I am pleased to announce that litter reservations are now open for 2025.

All puppies are £2800.00 regardless of size, colour and gender.

As mother nature has control, the below dates are estimated and due to change. 

I reserve the rights to change the stud at any given time and breeder has the right to withhold a puppy.

Puppies will range in colours of Reds, Caramel, and Chocolates. There will be a combination of solids, tuxedos and parti's.

We breed a combination of temperaments ranging from therapy prospect to fun family pets.

Below is a list of planned litters available, there are 5 spaces in each litter and choosing goes in order of deposits placed which is £350, when a mating has taken place, you will get notified of estimated delivery dates and going home dates, when the puppies are born, you will get notified again that puppies have arrived, a further £650 is required to secure your puppy. If you are adamant that you only want a boy or girl, then your wait could be slightly longer as I cant predict how many boys or girls will be in a litter. All puppies are to be neutered by 1 years old. Full payment is to be received by 6 weeks olds once you have chosen your puppy.


When puppies are 5 weeks old, you will be invited to come and choose your puppy, This will be done on a weekend - PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BRING YOUR DOG IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DOG, THE ANSWER IS NO.


If you would like to place a deposit on a future planned litter, please email with your full name, address, your agreement to fulfil the neutering requirements and a description of yourself and your lifestyle and any experiences you have with dogs or if this is your first. 


Theo and Maggie

Puppies expected March / April 
Go home May / June 2024

Theo & Maggie will be having a mating in January/February. These puppies will have amazing personalities and very outgoing. 3  out of 5 puppies on Maggies previous litter went to Children with Autism.

Medium size 14kg - 16kg

Solid Red and Apricots  

Smooth and Wavy fleece coat

2 Spaces available - Last spaces to reserve for a summer 2024 puppy!!!!


Marley and Nala

Puppies expected October 2024 
Go home December 2024

We are excited to announce that Marley and Nala will be having a date around August / September 2024. These puppies will be extremally smart, calm and therapy prospect. 

Miniature 9kg - 10kg

Caramels and chocolates with white markings

Smooth coat

1 Space available 


Enzo and Poppy

Puppies expected October 2024 
Go home December 2024

We are excited to announce that Enzo and Poppy will be having a date around August / September 2024, this is a lovely small medium - medium size. We could possibly be having chocolates, caramels, reds and blacks and all with white markings, we can’t wait!

5 Spaces available 


Enzo and Nellie

Puppies expected December 2024 
Go home February 2025 

We are excited to announce that Enzo and Nellie will be having a date around April 2024, this is a repeat mating that we are so excited about. Extremely sociable and outgoing puppies with amazing personalities

Small Medium to Medium - 13kg to 15kg

Caramels and chocolates with white markings

Smoothy and Wavy fleece coat

5 Spaces available 

Australian Labradoodles puppies Kent
Enzo and Nellie Past Puppies

Marley and Lola

Puppies expected April / May 2025 
Go home June / July 2025

We are excited to announce that Marley and Lola will be having a date early 2025.

Miniatures to small mediums 10kg - 13kg

Caramels and chocolates in solids, tuxedos and partis.

Smooth and wavy fleece coat

Very calm temperament and therapy prospect

5 Space available 


Theo and Penny

Puppies expected March  2025 
Go home May / June 2025

Theo and Penny are due to have a date in January 2025 and this litter is our only litter of pure solid reds! These puppies will be small medium - medium and have a mixture between smooth and wavy coats (no curly coats) they will weight between 13kg - 16kg when fully grown

5 Space available 


Theo and Willow

Puppies expected June / July 2025
Go home August / September 2025

We are excited to announce that Theo and Willow will be having a date late Spring 2025.

small mediums - medium 14kg - 16kg

Reds in solids and some with white mismarks.

Smooth and  light wavy fleece coat

Very calm temperament and therapy prospect. This litter gets reserved up quickly and is highly popular

5 Space available 

Australian Labradoodle puppies kent

Theo and Willow Past Puppies

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