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  • How much are your puppies?
    All puppies are £2800 regardless of size, gender or colour. This price is for a pet puppy only and will come with a spay / neuter agreement
  • How do we reserve a puppy?
    If you see a planned litter you like the look of and it has availability, please either fill out an application form or send a direct email to, I will then read through and send over details for a non-refundable reservation fee of £350.00 to secure your spot on that litter. I only accept 5 reservations per planned litter. A further payment of £650.00 is required once the puppies are here and you want to proceed with that litter. The final balance of £1800.00 is due when the puppies turn 6 weeks old. I do not hold places open and they come on a first come first serve basis in order of initial reservation fee received.
  • Can we chose our puppy?
    Yes, absolutely! I will help guide you through the process of which puppies I believe are most suitable for you and your family and I will explain as to why I don't think a certain puppy will be suitable
  • How will my puppy be raised?
    Your puppy will be born into a loving, warm home environment. We do not use any outside kennels. All puppies are raised inside the home, they are exposed to every day sounds, sometimes our home is busy, sometimes it quiet but it is always calm. All my dogs have free rein of the ground floor so they can access the puppies at any time once mum is comfortable with having the dogs around her puppies. Once the puppies can start going outside, they will have the run of the garden and play with which ever dog wishes to interact with them. The puppies will be handled daily, bathed and blow-dried weekly and have lots of interaction with dogs and family members living in our home. Your puppy will leave us confident and happy and will settle into their new home fairly quickly.
  • Will my puppy be wormed, vaccinated, health checked etc?
    All puppies will be wormed with Panacur liquid from weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8. Once you have chosen your puppy, I will then microchip your puppy. All puppies will be vet checked after 7 weeks of age but before 8 weeks, this will also include vaccinations of DHPPi and Lepto 2 (we advise against Lepto 4 and using Lepto 4 will void the Healthy Guarantee) our vets use the following brands - Novibac, Canigen and Vanguard. If your vet doesn't use these brands, then your puppy will not be vaccinated and will start the course of vaccinations with you so the puppy isn't over vaccinated with different brands. You have within 3 days of collecting your puppy to have a puppy health check with your vet (this is when you can also start your vaccinations if the puppy leaves me unvaccinated) This is done so you know you the puppy has left me happy and healthy. This is also an obligation for the Health Warranty, failure to have a puppy check with void the Warranty. I don't not give flea treatment, I only treat my dogs as and when necessary. All puppies are sprayed with Wondercide on the day they leave which is a natural flea killer and repellant imported from the US and smells of Lemongrass. The following products if used will void the Health Warranty - Letpo 4, Bravecto, Nexguard and Simparica - These products are known for causing serious side effects and vet records will show if these have been used
  • What food will my puppy be weaned on to?
    All puppies are weaned onto Raw food at around 3.5 weeks old. The following brands I use are Dougies Durham Just Natural MVM Furry Feasts You will receive a weeks worth of food to take home with you. If you wish to move onto kibble as its move convenient for you (but not what's best for your puppy) then you make that switch once the puppy is with you and settled
  • Will my puppy come with insurance?
    Yes, on collection day, your insurance will kick in for 5 weeks with Agria, you will get notified by email and text message
  • How often should I groom my Australian Labradoodle
    This depends on the length of the coat you like to keep your ALD at. If you prefer the longer shaggy look then this coat is higher maintenance and will require regular daily brushing. If you like the shorter smarter look, this coat doesn't require as much brushing and you can get away with brushing your dog about once a week. It is a good idea to have a wash and blow dry at least once a month and a full groom at least every 8 to 10 weeks. Please do not have a full groom on your puppy until they are a minimum of 6 months old, any good groomer will refuse to clip a puppy's coat under 6 months unless the coat is severely mated and pulling on the skin making the puppy feel uncomfortable
  • How do I socialise my puppy
    During the puppy's age of 8 - 12 weeks, this is the most important time to socialise your puppy. You maybe thinking "but my puppy isn't fully vaccinated it" don't worry, socialising your puppy doesn't mean your puppy has to go on the ground. Your puppy needs to see and hear the world! Socialising doesn't mean meeting other dogs, it means going out on car journey's, being placed in a sling and going to the park, the beach, the woodlands, high street, shopping centers, garden centers, cafe's, pubs, craft fairs, farmers markets, etc, the list is endless. Its about socialising your puppy with different surroundings and sounds, getting them used to exploring different things and teaching them they are safe and its fun to be out and about.
  • My ALD is a fussy eater, what do I do?
    When you bring your puppy home, they will be on a feed schedule of 3 meals per day 8am , 2pm and 6-7pm. As your puppy gets older, you will be able to cut out the middle feed. A lot of "Doodles" are fussy eaters and we can also encourage that fussiness too by swapping and changing brands of food, please don't do this! Your puppy / dog wont set out to starve themselves and they are pushing the boundaries to try and break you as they know you will give them something more exciting to eat for a couple of days until they are bored of that food and will wait for you to change it again and the problem continues. Stick to your guns and keep the food you are giving them. If your puppy / dog is not having any hungry sickness and bringing up yellow bile, they are clearly not hungry. If your dog is refusing to eat, and bringing up yellow bile, then you need to visit the vet.
  • HELP!!! My puppy won't stop biting us
    This is perfectly normal behaviour and not to be seen as an issue or problem. You have to remember your puppy is in pain and isn't setting out to hurt you and is dealing with the pain the only way he knows how to. Freezing items such as carrots, cucumbers, chicken wings will help soothe those gums and give those teeth something they can really bite into. If the puppy is pulling at clothing or biting ankles, get a long toy and redirect the puppy to bite the toy and then play tug of war with the puppy.
  • My puppy / dog has suddenly become naughty, what do I do?
    Firstly, what training has your puppy had? You need to go back to basics with training. Secondly, depending on the issue, you may need to seek behavourial advice, the issue with your dog might be minor and if you are trying to correct it without supervision, you could be making the situation worse. 9 times out of 10, it is us that needs the training, we are not experts so sometimes its how we manage the situation could be wrong and we need to be shown the correct way.
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